Our Services

Lump Sum Assessments, Itemised Bills

Arnold Costs Solicitors provide both lump sum assessments and itemised bills in all areas of South Australian and Commonwealth law. This includes Scale, Costs Agreements or Ministerial Direction/Legal Costs Orders. Detailed short-form costs assessments deliver certainty for clients in mediated disputes, allow better alignment with disclosure obligations, and strengthen negotiating positions in ‘plus-costs’ settlements.

Through accurate, timely assessments, Arnold Costs Solicitors can help capture maximum costs for clients. Determining costs prior to settlement can provide alternatives to waiting until after a matter is finalised.

Bill of Costs/Costs Statements

If costs are required to be assessed or taxed in the Court, the party seeking to recover costs is usually required to prepare, and file and/or serve, an itemised Bill of Costs. We specialise in drawing up itemised bills of legal costs. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge across legislation, case law and scales of costs to fully and clearly capture professional costs, disbursements, and, thus, claims, for both clients and the Court.

For more information about legal claims, lump sum assessments and itemised bills, contact us via email at info@arnoldcost.com.au or phone 0407854362

Expert Reports, Court Evidence

Arnold Costs Solicitors provide reports and evidence, and appear as expert court witnesses. This is predominantly for security for costs applications (in support or opposition) or in support of class action settlement scheme approvals in South Australia.

Our lawyers are also regularly called upon to provide reports and advice for state conduct commissioners in overcharging matters or in support of applications to courts for practitioner/client costs awards.

For more information about expert legal reports and court evidence, contact our Adelaide office via email info@arnoldcost.com.au or phone 0407854362

Court Advocacy, Mediation, Arbitration

Arnold Costs Solicitors regularly appear as advocates across a variety of jurisdictions in costs matters. We are frequently appointed to mediate multi-party costs disputes or act as independent arbitrator in costs matters.

Our lawyers have acted as advocates and mediators in complex and challenging costs-related cases. We often appear in court-appointed mediations and informal settlement conferences.

Practising exclusively in legal costing for almost three decades, we are experienced enough to know what a good settlement looks like. Our lawyers understand the nuances of settling even the most complex and difficult costs-related disputes at both mediation and informal settlement conferences. As expert negotiators with in-depth legal costing knowledge and extensive practical experience, we strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients at mediation or informal conference.

For more information about legal advocacy, mediation, and arbitration, contact our Adelaide office via email at info@arnoldcost.com.au or phone 0407854362

CPD Legal Seminars, Training

Arnold Costs Solicitors can provide Continuing Profession Development (CPD) seminars or training sessions at your offices on topical, interesting and, importantly, useful, costs law issues.

These sessions can help meet CPD requirements mandatory for South Australian legal practitioners since 2011.

For more information about CPD legal seminars and training sessions, contact our Adelaide office via email info@arnoldcost.com.au or phone 0407854362